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Our Culture

Katie Smith

British communities which are enriched by the presence of other cultural practices, opposed to a former citizenry that derived from whites only, face racial ideologies in the midst of an uncertain Brexit. Significantly over periods of time, British citizens have become consumers of multi-cultural products, whilst still expressing negative portrayals of those whom have not originated from British mining towns. Negative comments and anti-immigration sentiments exist, however, within this body of work, Katie is capturing the positive attitude and hardworking mentalities of those from different cultural backgrounds. Through documentary photography, Katie is able to capture the lives of those making a living by gracing the British community with cultural difference, such as, Chinese restaurants, Turkish Barbers or local street markets, whilst concertedly adapting to the British lifestyle by embracing local coffee shops or travelling on British transportation (trams).

Email: katielauren.photography@gmail.com

Instagram: @katielauren_photography

To Find Memory a Place

Alexandros Peleties

The artist in witnessing the trauma caused to others by recent wars and the eventual division of his country, Cyprus, made him start a journey of discovery and catharsis. Visiting the Northern part of Cyprus, which has been under Turkish occupation since 1974, he discovers a land much different than what his personal preconceptions has let him to believe it was all these years. This is a journey through time and space discovering himself, witnessing and ultimately attempting to deliver catharsis to not only his people but also to himself. Inspired by the idea of secondary witnessing as a failure to link knowledge with sight from the book “Spectral Evidence” he creates his final compositions. These compositions consist of the juxtaposition of the very formal and abstract B&W images with the colourful picturesque images captured during his trip are divided by a white line that shows the inherent inability of the artist to link sight with knowledge and his failure to deliver catharsis.

Instagram: @darkline_spectrum

Email: apeleties@gmail.com

Angela Smales.jpg


Angela L Smales

This series of images is based on mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. It showcases the affects that mental illnesses can have and how they can affect people's lives. These images aim to highlight, and raise awareness for the unseen illness as it is an ongoing, unspoken about issue in today's society.

Instagram: @Angelasmalesphotography

Email: angelasmalesphotography@hotmail.com

No Plan B

Georgie McGrath

Recently exposed to the damaging effects the garment Industry has on our World, Georgie instantly took interest in how we can make a difference. Fashion brands aren't concerned with issues raised when making clothes, their only concern is the revenue it generates. It’s true that one person cannot mend the World on their own, change depends on the individual to stop and rethink their actions. We can begin with cautious and considered changes in our fashion choices. This body of work advertises and supports sustainable fashion, demonstrating that there are other ways we can find trendy, one of a kind clothing. Georgie collaborated with fashion students investigating eco-friendly ways of producing garments, in addition to small sustainable businesses and considerate fashion consumers (particularly students and the younger generation) who incorporate sustainable items of clothing into their wardrobe. Fashion can be recycled, old trends always return, Fashion ‘should’ be sustainable.

Website: www.georgiephotography.co.uk/

Instagram: @georgiemcgrathphotography

A Different Life

Wesley Morgan 

‘A Different Life’ is a collection of images that explore the diversity of youth culture from within a Nottingham based Hip Hop collective, in an attempt to highlight how crucial intimate relationships are when creating an artist’s social image. “Different Life Collective” as a group challenges the conventional approaches towards music creation and distribution by encompassing a varied range of physical and visual approaches, in a pursuit to regain control and authenticity of their impact as artists. This collective approach bands together, existing relationships as well as forming new ones, which provides a unique and refreshing approach when creating new appearances of creative youth culture. The work forms a critical commentary against modern social expectations as well as also challenging his own social values and approaches within the representation of himself and his fellow artists by showing the individual personalities that make up the group.


Instagram: @drk__room

Katie Rogers.jpg

Big Lives in Little Worlds

Katie Rogers

My project ‘Big Lives in Little Worlds’, takes a closer look in to the everyday objects and brings them a new lease of life by using small figurines to create big scenarios. These characters I have created give a playful twist on the mundane, creating life and stories in places we would often neglect to pay attention to.

Instagram: @k.rogers.photography

Urban Complex

Joseph Santander

This body of work is focused around urban and modern architecture, the main area of attention within this architecture project is looking into the pattern of windows. A photographer that I have been looking at to aid me with this project is Al Mefer, who created an alien theme within his architecture photography, through looking at the work it has allowed me to explore not just the windows within the architecture, but whether I can change and enhance the colours to create a similar theme. I have also been looking into the angles on which my photos are taken from, as that changes a photo completely. An interesting angle to take architecture photos from is right below the building, this allows you to add the characteristics from the sky into the photo.

Website: https://vsco.co/joesantander/images/1