‘Checkin’ Out Me Roots’ is a project inspired by poem ‘Checking Out Me History’ by John Agard. He uses literature to challenge the white British history he was fed. The poem evoked my response to evaluate the failure of the UK’s educational system for black citizens, how it bleaches down history. I feel as a race we are ignorant to a lot of significant events and truths of the past. Knowing this left me feel ignorant of my own identity. Traditionally, in families of black decent, there is an importance of knowing where you came from and the struggles that those before you endured. These are our roots. Our Roots help us carve out identity our people. Checkin’ Out Me Roots uses a self-portraiture and pictures taken in various locations in my home city Nottingham to expose the presence of history that I feel, showing it can be anywhere.

Instagram: @robins.eye.view