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Jazz Glenn

Underhanded and snide, unforgiving and brash, in the pub and behind closed doors. ‘H£I$T’ forms a commentary on the ugly state of race politics that the world is constantly asphyxiated by. On the surface the series takes on a bold and colourful aesthetic, but as the conceptual bank heist plot-line unravels, a darker political context is revealed. Ban the balaclava, deport the illegal aliens, Make Britain Great Again!




Jennifer Snape

We live in a world full of people and full of faces. Full of faces but yet not one is the same as another. Full of identities with all colours of hair and all shades of skin, some skin stained with ink, some skin stained with freckles. But what makes you, you? Is it your constant desire to wear red lipstick? Or your uncontrollable love for hats? Or the thrill of metal studs piercing through your skin? Character is built upon who you are, your style and your visions and this photographic project aims to capture the spirit and the personality of the people in my portraits.


emily ryalls.jpg

These Ties That Continue To Bind

Emily Ryalls

This project is a creative response to healthcare politics, some methods being more expressive, and some confrontational. The work acts as the embodiment of a community of young women, all intertwined with one common denominator – these women are met with a recurrent disbelief in the medical community regarding their condition. The gaslighting these women face, is an issue which has been active for decades and has been the groundwork for some of our classic literature, such as Jane Eyre and The Yellow Wallpaper. Juggling these stigmas, I didn’t feel I had the right to use their bodies despite knowing I was a part of their community. In light of this, the photographs have become more of a visual diary for our meetings and as a result of my own inclusion, I see more clearly how much we all long to break the isolation and be able to visualise ourselves in unity.


Instagram: @emryalls

No Strings Attached

Georgia Williams

Horney desires, discreet meets and lone watchers. Gang Bangs and car boot exhibitions. No Strings Attached is a conceptual project which communicates the essence of British taboo - Dogging. Fascinated by the enigmatic, I acted as a participant with purpose to creatively uncover this underground sex craze. I used light as an embodiment for human presence to portray sex, heat and energies throughout my imagery. This body of work acts as a poetic representation of a misunderstood community.

Instagram: @georgiamadelyn




Molly Jayne Thomas

A Welsh word with no direct translation, it describes the feeling of longing for a home that is held in one's memory. It is not until a person moves away from home that they begin to notice the details in their surroundings and relationships which bring them comfort in their everyday lives. ‘Hiraeth (heer-eye-th)’ explores personal ties to home via people and place in a series of black and white prints. Through photographing her family and scenery of her home in South Wales the photographer captures moments which create an impression of how she remembers her home.

Instagram: @mjthomasphotography


Joes Barlow 1.jpg

Redhill Marina

Joe Barlow

Beneath the shadow of the Ratcliffe On-Soar power plant, a small community and its inhabitants reside by the banks of the nearby River Soar. Here, narrowboats and stilt houses lie against a backdrop of industrial compounds, workshops, and nautical based businesses, all of which rely on the landscape they all share. Situated where the border of Leicestershire meets the Nottinghamshire county line, this is Redhill Marina, a community and environment living under threat from the proposed route of HS2, a premise that, if occurs, will see the entire site and its surrounding geography divided by the expanse of commercial development in the form of this current controversy. In amongst this trouble, however, lies a wealth of tales and narratives from many of the areas local inhabitants. Existing homes sit by the riverside, whilst the skeleton frames of abandoned boats lie in a nearby field awaiting restoration. This project recalls the lives these people have built around them, what they have hoped for, and what, ultimately, may be taken away from them.

Instagram: @j_barlowphoto