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This is Brexit

Hannah Billington

‘This is Brexit’ is a personal yet political photographic documentation that analyses the current state of the United Kingdom and the European Union. The multiple perspectives of Brexit Britain explore both the British public and the environment in order to represent and communicate where society stands on this social concern. Interviews with individuals exhibit their personal understandings and feelings towards Brexit and their future. The body of work acts as a reaction from Britain at this difficult yet poignant time as well as documentation of British history through visual practice.

Website: www.hannahbillington.co.uk

Email: hannahbillington0@gmail.com

Instagram: @_hannahbillington

Full English

Ellie Bell

Full English is a documentation of the traditional English food industry with a nostalgic feel. With a combination of portraiture and food still-life, the photographic representations highlight Englishness and the remaining traditionalism within the country’s food produce. Conversations with employees and business owners explore current topics such as Brexit and the environment. Brexit is a large factor contributing towards the failure of small independent businesses, where as they prove to be much more environmentally friendly in comparison to large corporations. The project is a snapshot of what the English food industry used to be, whilst also an insight into the people and food which soon will become traces of a lost trade.

Instagram: @elliebellphoto

Website: http://www.elliebellphotography.co.uk

Email: elliebellphotography@yahoo.com

Nathan Bateson .jpg

Villages of the Vale

Nathan Bateson

Nathan’s project documents the villages within the Vale of Belvoir and acts as a photographic account showing what remains of the traditional English village. In this urban world it is hard for Villages to keep up with the changing times. Villages are changing alongside the towns and cities and in some ways they have lost what makes them unique and traditional. A common thought nowadays is that picture-postcard English villages with a pleasant green, homely pub and working farm, no longer exist. This series of photographs explores this idea showing, on one hand, the transformations of contemporary villages and on the other, how the villages of the Vale have managed to keep a grasp of what makes them special by retaining their history and preserving their character.

Jess Russell.jpg

The State of Things

Jess Russle

‘The State of Things’ by Jess Russell is a photographic project which explores social housing estates within the Midlands. Social housing is housing provided for people on low incomes by government agencies or non-profit organisations. The work explores the ways in which this style of housing is treated by its residents and the housing associations that own it. This is a contrast between it being kept well and being neglected in many ways. By walking through these areas, Jess photographs what she sees which represents this. She also photographs the architecture of some of the buildings in order to show the uniformity of them.

Instagram: @jessrussellphotography

Website: www.jessrussellphotography.co.uk


Kerena Bamrolia

Token dives into the conversation surrounding culture and diversity within fashion and the everyday. This multimedia exhibit depicts a number of creatives communicating their personal experiences and opinions, to deconstruct the social and racial issues that are consumed globally.

Website: kerenabamrolia.co.uk

Email: kerenabamrolia98@gmail.com

Instagram: @kerena.vis

Hiding Homes

Richard Campbell

This project documents everyday houses, in different parts of England. Using humours, conceptual style photographs looking as if they were ‘hiding’. Deriving from the idea that people who don’t study photography would likely miss a lot when walking down the street, as they wouldn’t be looking out for a photographic opportunity. This project is about making people see more in the everyday. Using 35mm and 120 mm film with minimal editing to keep the photos looking as close to you would see them in real life. How many hiding homes can you find?

Instagram: @rmcampbell_photography

Email: rich13campbell@hotmail.com

Paige Churchill.jpg


Paige Churchill

As a perfectionist I love to capture beautiful things and objects, therefore with my idealised view of perfection, I have selected models that fit my criteria of what I look for in a model. For this project I have worked with a variety of models and focused on both fashion and beauty photography. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with a diverse group of women all of different ages, from around the whole of the UK.
 As demonstrated in my work it is evident to see that I have used variety of different manipulation skills to help enhance my idea of perfection. Detail plays a huge role throughout my work, especially with my close-up beauty images. Therefore, with the use of editing and photo manipulation, I strive for my models to look immaculate, thus, illustrating further the notion of perfection.

Instagram: @paige.c.photography

Website: https://paigechurchillphoto.wixsite.com/paigejpgphotography

NAtasha Nijjer .jpg


Natasha Nijjer

For this project I will be documenting street style by exploring fashion and style. Street style creates a space where identities can be explored through the action of dress. People often tend to feel better about themselves if they feel they look good, creating individuality and bringing out personalities. As fashion trends change and your own style alters, you understand what suits you and decide what to buy and then wear. Fashion caters for all our needs so differently.

Email: Natasha_nijjer@hotmail.co.uk