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State of Belonging

Destiny Avey-Walters

This project is an exploration of the stage of life referred to as ‘girlhood’ where one struggles with the overwhelming pressures and expectations from society on how a girl should be, regarding their femininity and conforming to gender roles. ‘The State of Belonging’ centres around the feeling of isolation and suffocation from these pressures and the impact that these expectations have on young women who are vulnerable to ideologies and ideals set by others in a desire to fit in with the social norm. 




The Everyday

Megan Wilson 

This work by Megan Wilson is a documentation of the objects that we see on a day to day basis walking around Nottingham and other big cities, whether it be a sign showing you where to book a taxi or the bright paint on the walls outside a bar, it all connects together to create Nottingham.

Instagram: @meg_wilsonphotography


Can You Feel It?

Rhenz Lorenzo

The purpose of this project is to create a work that describes mental health through surrealism photography (moving image), a journey through my and many others complicated mind. Showing our society that this is an issue that people to be aware of. Just because it can’t be seen, it doesn’t mean damage can’t be done. Depression creeps up so suddenly, it's like a headache that you tell yourself it will pass. Another bad day I say to myself, but it's not, you’re stuck in this; state of mind.  You get used to putting on a social mask and continue to live among other people because that what you have to do. However, the problem does not go away, struggling to put on a play every single day and it starts to cost me more and more. 


instagram: @lorenzorhenz


Gabriel Cowan .jpg

Good Looks

Gabriel Cowan

This project explores the struggle between an outward reflection of identity and an inner idea of self. Working within the realm of fashion through moving imagery, this project uses the surreal to explore ideas surrounding identity. Often we can get caught up in an idea of what we perceive our identity to be and this multimedia project utilises bold imagery in a short film, to investigate the obstructive nature of the multiple facets that make up one’s identity such as gender, race, nationality, religion. This short film seeks to show that these labels can be restrictive and that ridding yourself of them can be a liberating act.

Instagram: @coldbokonist




Rebecca Wilde

An inner-city kid growing up local to the hustle and bustle of manufactured landscapes in a large city. A small patch of countryside in our front lawn, being only spec of vibrant chlorophyll that was seen. Things changed by exploring at a young age. Venturing to the countryside, arriving my smog filled lungs diluted with the rich, Moorish country air. My longing to capture this euphoria led me along the path to discover photography. With mountains around the United Kingdom being handheld replicas of the great Himalaya’s or the Swiss Alps. Districts of facsimile’s providing ubiquitous amounts of rich vegetation, geological diversity and history carved into the rock. This pathed way to capturing bliss and quintessential memories within the land. Aiming to capture the beauty in the scarring of the land and over turning unsaturated and secret places.


Instagram: @Wildeimages_Photography

Anonymity Through Surrealism

Matt Black 

My work is the manifestation of my interest in street photography, data security, and privacy. My photography makes a statement about the ethical practice of street photography and takes measures to protect the privacy of individuals captured in my images. My practice has evolved to challenge the social discourse around digital privacy. By shooting analogue and scanning the images, I maintain control of the metadata, depriving third parties of the personal information within my photographs. Instead of obfuscating in software, I manipulate images through hardware, creating a surrealist aesthetic that subverts the facial recognition of online platforms. Therefore, the final image is grounded enough in an urban street context to be identifiable, but surrealist enough to ensure the anonymity of people within it.




What is Sky?

Chia Chia Lee

This project started by making research about “what perspective do people view the sky” by asking people to send photographs of the sky that they photographed. The intention of asking people a photograph of the sky is because we get to see it every day, the weather might affect our emotion of the day, which I think it might be interesting if I can know at what moment, people would think it is the ‘right moment’ to take out their phone and photograph the sky. After that, from the photographs I have received, to investigate what else would be included in a photograph of the sky. (For example, people, buildings or transportations) Then, I will be using my photographs of the sky to respond to the photographs I have received from different people.

Instagram: @lee.photo9raphy


Georgie Jones .jpg

Awake at Night

Georgie Jones

Georgie’s work aims to make connections involving a personal relationship with mental illness, especially involving the effects of sleep deprivation. Whether it be self-portraiture or otherwise, this image based project collates in a soft manner to demonstrate how mental illness can be managed outside of medical settings, how it has physical effects on the body and how it changes the ways in which the surrounding environment and personal space may be perceived. This includes the presence and absence of natural light, which is extremely relevant to this project because whilst usually being wide awake in the dark, a lot of the perceived light is from manmade sources like bedroom lighting. This project logs and conveys the photographer’s perception of insomnia and an intimate study of the self.


Instagram: @georgieyaya