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Fashion on Repeat

Kirsty Elizabeth Howland

Kirsty Elizabeth Howland creates extravagant fashion scenes utilising a range of bold prints, textures and colours. The elements featured within the images repeat in contemporary form styles from previous decades inspiring new styles. Kirsty is influenced by the idea of camouflage and the way in which people follow fashion trends; in order to feel unique, to stand out from the crowd, ironically also means blending in with everyone else who replicates the trends.

Website: Instagram: @kirstyelizabeth_photography


Microphone Check

Jess Govinden 

‘That’s what MC-ing is. It’s called mic controller. You interact and communicate with people; you make them smile, make them feel good. That’s the art of it, communicating with people, bringing people together through music. That’s what we do.’ – Jammer From Drum and Bass and Jungle to the classic Garage styley, MC-ing has created a culture and community within the ‘urban’ music scene and now more than ever, due to Grime’s renaissance, it has become one of the most documented sub cultures to date. Microphone check explores the people behind the sound, recording portraits of those involved with the scene and images capturing the true essence of what happens behind the on-stage bravado. I wanted to capture the moments in preparation, before the MC gets on stage, taps the mic two times and says, ‘Microphone Check’.

Instagram: @jess_govinden


Nature Contained

Gina Gabriella Coelho

‘Nature Contained’ by Gina Gabriella Coelho explores the sense of escapism that she inhabits within botanical gardens. These enclosed areas of tranquil space exist within the chaos and stress of city life, allowing her to access a peaceful and calm state of mind. Throughout this work and the way that it is presented, Gina aims to recreate the experience of serenity and escapism within these spaces. Botanical gardens display nature’s constant state of growth and change that in turn signifies the passage of time. This process of constantly evolving resonates within her own life and thus she feels an affinity with the plants within these enclosures.

Website: Instagram: @ginagabriellaphotography

Megan Oakley.jpg


Megan Oakley

This project by Megan Oakley documents environmental portraits of international students who study at Nottingham Trent University. The environments portray the students in places that remind them of home or in spaces they feel comfortable in. As we grow up and choose to leave and separate ourselves from the family environment, we can see our identity starting to be shaped by others. The students are exploring this identity in a country they are not familiar with.

Instagram: @meganoakleyphoto


Molliw Prime .jpg

Social Judgement

Mollie Prime

Through history society has played a significant role in telling people who they can be and where they fit within the social hierarchy. Regardless of the reasons behind this, social judgement has always been a key component in what is deemed as acceptable in terms of beauty standards. Social judgement is a photographic series portraying real people who have in time come to reject the stereotypical beauty standards that society has created, adapted and thrust upon us all. The project aims to illuminate the ways in which the models have been subjected to social judgement but also shows how they have come to see their imperfections as elements of themselves that they are proud of and will not let society shame them for.


Instagram: @mollie_prime_photography


Beth Jones-Grimshaw

Fundamentally, motherhood is about an unconditional love for your child, biological or not. It’s an overwhelming sense of responsibility and need to protect, it’s exhaustion but also contentment. Motherhood isn’t just being the idealised perfect mother, its not about being able to bake the perfect cake or never making a mistake. Its being a teacher, a friend and trying your best. The photographer is not speaking from a personal perspective but from what she has learnt from the mothers she has photographed and her own mother. These portraits portray the strong loving relationship between Mother and child.

Instagram: @bethjg_photography


Portrait of A Woman

Grace Kendall 

Bringing together the woman in her life through medium format photography, Grace Kendall’s work considers the intangible connection that women share. It intends to ask the question, what does it mean to be a woman? On this Journey? In this body? How does the answer to these questions shift as a result of the paths we find ourselves down? and what answers unite us all as women. Our life choices; in some capacity, define the women we become. Whether those choices have been made for ourselves or for others. This work does not aim to capture the essence of everything a woman is in a single photograph, but shed light on the many facets of identity a woman can possess. Presenting the subjects as not just a mother, a grandmother or a sister but an identity that transgresses just a label.



Lauren Heap .jpg

Building the Trace of Existence

Lauren Heap

‘Building the Trace of Existence’ by Lauren Heap records the contemporary presence of high-rise tower blocks around Birmingham. Forming an archive, her images respond to the decline of affordable housing in consequence to the threats imposed by regeneration. As the eradication of high-rise social housing is predicted to increase, her archival landscapes invite the viewer to engage with their existence, whilst acknowledging the temporality of the urban space. This insightful recording could one day act as a reminder of what once resided.

Instagram: @heapsofme


Oli Knowles.jpg

Landscape and Power

Oliver Knowles

Oliver’s project, ‘Landscape and Power’ is about the modern day relationship between the landscape and power, power being a literal object within the landscape. Throughout this project Oliver hopes to be able to still show the natural beauty and the picturesque of the countryside within each of his photos but also incorporating power within the images, in the hopes to show people how our modern lives are being slowly integrated into the natural landscape.



Instagram: @_ok_photography10

Lois Cropper .jpg

Deeper Than Skin

Lois Cropper

Relationships. Love. Intimacy. What do these words really mean and what do they signify? They’re personal, they’re promises, they’re passion. Deeper Than Skin is a series of images that engages with the dynamic of intimate partner relationships. These photographs signify an intimacy of loving through insights into private yet mundane and extraordinary moments shared between two lovers. Lois’ investigation into a scope of different ages and relationship dynamics: married, engaged and newly established, offers an insight into the capability of comfort, commitment and trust. A reflection of investment and what it means to be together.

Instagram: @loiscropper_photography



Ria Measom

The work by Ria Measom is a series of portraits of young women. Inspired by stylistic qualities from classic paintings, the work demonstrates the similarities that photography shares with art. The minimalist style of portraiture creates an intimate feel. The series explores the way in which portraiture can represent women in a way that differs to those seen commercially.The women that are photographed all possess similar attributes, creating a uniformed look to the body of work.

Instagram: @riameasom_photography