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Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?

Matthew Dennis

‘Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?’ was named from a quote by Satan in goat form in ‘The Witch’ (2010), offering a better life through fashion and luxury. This project explores the relationship between fashion and death, allowing us to see more traditional fashion photography interrupted by the death which underpins it. Inspiration came from ‘Dialogue between fashion and death’, the 1824 poem by Giacomo Leopardi, which personifies the two entities as sisters, galloping through the world searching for victims. The images visually immortalise these beings we never see, as beautiful ominous creatures, rising out of the oil slick-like trains of their dresses and suffocating beneath the fabric.

Instagram: @matthewfwdennis

Website: matthewdennis.net

Goodbye Girl

Josie Lancaster

‘Goodbye Girl’ is a documentation of the liminal period from girlhood to womanhood. The difficulty that this particular age carries, along with societal pressures proves a challenging
time in life. Stamped identity of school uniform, paired with the mundane setting of classrooms, solidifies the struggle of expressing individualism in an educational institution.
The stillness of the portraits however, allows for this depiction of the unsettling stage, influenced by the awkward in-between of adolescence.

Instagram: @josielancaster_

Website: josielancaster.myportfolio.com

In Passing

Jack Pickerill

In Passing is a sequence based project intending to compare day to day triviality against our innate curiosity of mortality and time. Through images of nature and scenes of urban abnormality, a narrative of fleeting moments is formed, fluctuating from otherworldly to banal. Alongside this is a set of archival images taken by my Mother during her years studying photography. These black and white portraits of family members now aged, of trees now cut down and of memories not remembered, tie the project to my lived experience. In it’s complete form as a photobook, In Passing works with the photographs ability to dance between nostalgia and reality, most exemplified by the family photo album.

Instagram: @jackpickers

Website: www.jackpickerill.co.uk

Little Boxes on the Hillside

Will Slater

Taking place primarily in the Midlands, Little Boxes on the Hillside is a contemporary approach to the inhabited landscape. The photographic series is a topographical study of how the English landscape has been dwelt upon through historical and modern forms of life. Illustrated in the subject matter are physical marks of a man-altered landscape showing evidence of our existence and signs of the time. The title arises from the lyrics of a song called Little Boxes by American folk singer Malvina Reynolds; a suitable title regarding my topic and stimulation from 20th Century American landscape photography.

Instagram: @willslater53

Website: www.willslater.net

The Middle Ground

James Fitzpatrick Diamond

Deviating from the subject matter of the social extremes, ‘The Middle Ground’ is a series of work deriving from just that. Kindled by an intrigue into the sheer banality of everyday life within one of Britain’s sparingly documented environments, the images shine a light on the juxtaposition of anxiety and comfort within the town of Kettering. A location which, although not imperative to the work’s being, stands responsible for its underlying social theme; a prevalent sense of apathy apparent in the lives and attitudes of those within it.

Instagram: @James_fd

Email: Jamesfdiamond@gmail.com

The Down to Earth Project

Jason Sheehan 

A documentary that unearths the origin story of an accessible community project setting out to reconnect the modern human with nature. Jamie, a local lad from Derby, calls to action his friends and community to respond to the current environmental crisis affecting our planet. Concerned and conflicted about the lack of consistency between his personal beliefs and his work life, Jamie begins a journey to reconcile himself and his community with the natural world. Through the use of local and online platforms, this documentary shows how a connection to nature can improve physical and mental well-being and inspire change. This film tells the story of a homegrown idea to develop a community allotment space, which enables food growth and learning about nature in a relaxed, friendly and ‘Down to Earth’ way.

Website: www.jasonsheehanphoto.com

Instagram: @jasesheehan

Email: jasonsheehan@hotmail.co.uk

Known for the musical talent and football legends that Manchester has produced, its culture is a blend of these traits paired with the industrialisation that occurred through the nineteenth century. The cotton trade empire that once defined Manchester is now reduced to industrial decay; derelict buildings, smashed windows and abandoned cotton warehouses still stand as a reminder of the city’s impressive history. “Cottonopolis” is an exploration of this infamous period in Manchester’s timeline, considering the fashion movements that were spawned through the 90’s nights of ‘Madchester’ and influenced by clubs such as The Hacienda. The work showcases the warehouses that started their life as hubs for the cotton trade, then becoming abandoned and re-occupied as spots for raves. These clubs resonated the classic Manchester sound through the streets and became stages for the fashion that erupted in the 80’s/90’s. Through to present day, where they stand as relics, serving as a reminder of the city’s lively past.

Email: tomstenning@icloud.com​

Instagram- @lazymanc ​​​