Known for the musical talent and football legends that Manchester has produced, its culture is a blend of these traits paired with the industrialisation that occurred through the nineteenth century. The cotton trade empire that once defined Manchester is now reduced to industrial decay; derelict buildings, smashed windows and abandoned cotton warehouses still stand as a reminder of the city’s impressive history. “Cottonopolis” is an exploration of this infamous period in Manchester’s timeline, considering the fashion movements that were spawned through the 90’s nights of ‘Madchester’ and influenced by clubs such as The Hacienda. The work showcases the warehouses that started their life as hubs for the cotton trade, then becoming abandoned and re-occupied as spots for raves. These clubs resonated the classic Manchester sound through the streets and became stages for the fashion that erupted in the 80’s/90’s. Through to present day, where they stand as relics, serving as a reminder of the city’s lively past.


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